An Inside Edition

Jarrett Motz | Freelance Writer || Nathan Klok | Photographer

This is the main entrance to the Wellness Center. On the exposed wall will be an “Honoring the Donors” plaque. On the left wall there will be storage cubicles.
This is the second floor of the Wellness Center. Along the wall to the left will be free weight training. There will also be several weight racks.
To the right of the room will be turf, used primarily by the athletes for sprinting exercises.
This is a view from where the weight racks will be, looking at the lobby of the RC second floor.
This is the group studio on the third floor. The studio will most often be used for dance classes. The walls not pictured are full mirrors.
A row of treadmills will be located here, looking out the windows to the courtyard. The third floor cardio area will also have suspended televisions to watch while working out.
On the left side of the room will be weight training machines. The treadmills will be along the right side looking out the windows.
Taken from the second floor RC lounge, this picture shows the lift, making the Wellness Center handicap accessible.
Along the left wall the Senior Graphic Design class will showcase their art projects. The class will work on the concept for the project this spring.
This is a picture of the fourth floor which is to be exclusively used for academics. This specific picture shows the study space designed for biokinetics students.
This hallway leads to the study space on the fourth floor. There are computer labs used for biokinetics testing.
Here is one of the labs and it will hold treadmills for students to use for testing. This is considered to be Lab 3 and is the metabolic testing lab.
Lab 2 will hold weight racks and kettle bells. Students will use these to collect data from test subjects.
This is a new office for one of the biokinetics professors. The brick is from the outside of the RC building as the Wellness center was attached directly to it.
This is the reception area of the Wellness Center from the HC fourth floor. The reception area leads to all of the labs on the floor.

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