Monday Morning Coffee: Coffee Shop Northeast

Because everyone needs at least one cup of coffee on a Monday!

Because everyone needs at least one cup of coffee on a Monday!

Lexi Friesen | Social Media Editor

Coffee Shop: Coffee Shop Northeast

Prices: Americano $2.16

(Medium) Drip Coffee (Guatemala) $2.42

(Medium) Cider (seasonal) $3.32

There are not free refills.

Carrot Cake $4

Veg-wich Sandwich (with chips & a pickle) — $8

Atmosphere: If my roommates and I weren’t talking so much and preoccupied with pictures on Facebook, for the first hour we would have done a lot of homework. Once we finally settled into our booths, we got a lot of work done and ended up staying for nearly five hours.The decor is quirky but fits the bill. Make sure to go to the bathroom while you’re there.

Seating: Originally, Coffee Shop Northeast was a single front room. They recently expanded, however, leaving plenty of seating, especially on a Saturday afternoon. There are three orange booths in the back room, along with tables and comfy leather chairs.

Music: It was playing so softly I couldn’t even hear it, which for today I appreciated because it was good to catch up with my roommates.

Store Hours:

Everyday — 6:30 am to 9 pm


2852 Johnson St. NE,

Northeast Minneapolis

It’s a 14 minute drive from Bethel.

Parking: There is some parking along the street, but if you drive past the coffee shop there is a parking lot on your right.

Overall experience: I would rate my cider as probably one of the best ciders I’ve ever drank. One a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it at least an 8, if not a 9. My barista was friendly and helpful — she recommended a Hot Jodi, which I didn’t get, but I will definitely come back and give it a try. I would suggest bringing a jacket as it’s a bit chilly, especially in you are going to be staying for a long time. A fun fact about Coffee Shop Northeast is that they use certified fair trade organic coffee. Breakfast, lunch, and cookies/bars are also served here. They also have really cute t-shirts for sale at $12 each. Coffee Shop Northeast gets a “two thumbs up” from me and I will definitely be coming back!

Photo by Lexi Friesen.

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