Four students at are chosen from Bethel participate in a research program through Mayo.

Lexi Friesen | Social Media Editor

For the first time in school history, Bethel University is taking part in the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP). MISP is a program that works with college students to assist Mayo Clinic Ventures, Mayo Clinic departments, and Mayo researchers in assessing new product submissions.

Each college in the program selects four students from a group of applicants — two science majors and two business majors to provide leadership development and research opportunities. Senior Matthew Engelien in Finance and Marketing, junior Aeli Olson in Physics and Chemistry, senior Mara Raymond in Business and Marketing and International Business and junior Madison Dorn in Biokinetics have been chosen as Bethel’s first representatives in MISP.

For Engelien, his interest and previous experience in the health industry was what prompted him to apply.

“I am most excited for the opportunity to represent Bethel in such a prestigious program and gain relevant experience in the healthcare industry,” he said. “As a business major, I have had few opportunities to learn about the science behind surgeries and the body. I am excited to gain knowledge in a different field than what I am usually learning.”

“It is a really exciting opportunity for Bethel,” Olson added. “Only a few schools have this opportunity to learn and research with a top medical facility. Additionally, students have the opportunity to understand how their degrees can translate into real world experience.”

Dr. Seth Paradis, founding Director of the Biokinetics program and the Exercise Medicine and Prevention Center, as well as a current professor in the Biokinetics department, played a role in helping Bethel become a part of the MISP program. Many other MIAC schools are involved in the program but it took Bethel a year and half until they were accepted. The goal for this program is to provide opportunities for students beyond Bethel, particularly in a society with such a complicated healthcare system.

“MISP is exactly what we are seeking to prepare students to increase their real world experience during their transition out of Bethel into the workforce,” Paradis said.

Engelien, Olson, Raymond, and Dorn will research extensively on their project for several months, then present their research to Mayo Clinic in March.

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