First-time Photojournalists

During the first weekend of February, the ENW120 Photojournalists took on Bethel University sporting events. Showing up big time at track meets and basketball games, these pho-jo’s tried their hand at shooting the craziness of sporting events, capturing the action and the documenting the athletes’ emotions as they competed.

Their guides? Tried and true photojournalists Morgan Spiehs and Andrew Dickinson (and the infamous Nathan Klok, of course). Check out their best shots below!



160206_Engstrom_Basketball_010160206_Lawless_WBB copy160206_Lawless_WBB



"I gave her Evan's phone and now she thinks she gets to keep it."
“I gave her Evan’s phone and now she thinks she gets to keep it.”
Children interact with freshly cut mullet
Children interact with freshly cut mullet
Hannah VonGrey

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