Abby Petersen | News Editor

Bethel University Provost Deb Harless released the final report from Terracon, an environmental site consulting firm, on environmental concerns in response to a high number of cancer cases in faculty whose offices are in the Academic Center.

The report, available on Bethel’s Confluence page, stated no reason to link environmental causes to the cancer cluster in faculty. The report also stated if there was an environmental cause, the cancer cases would likely be the same type of cancer. Seven different types of cancer affected faculty in the AC, according to Terracon, and none of those types are typically caused by an environmental agent.

Bethel administration alerted the Bethel community they had contracted with Terracon in February, according to the statement released by Harless. Terracon’s study at Bethel is now complete.

The Clarion provided earlier coverage on this topic available here.


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