2016/2017 Guest Chapel Speaker

By Meckenna Woetzel

A sneak peak into the first of a few professionals gracing Bethel’s chapel stage for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Every school year the Convocation Committee intentionally invites a range of scholars, thinkers, doers and makers to speak and share around an established topic that carries particular relevance to the Bethel community and broader Christian thinking. Recent series include: A Faithful Science (13-14), Faith in the Public Square (14-15) and Transforming Culture (15-16). This year’s speakers will explore the theme of Technology and Community and the various ways that technologies form and influence who we are and how we relate to one another.

Photo Credit: University of Florida
Shaundra B. Daily, Ph.D. is the Associate Professor and Director of the Digital Arts and Sciences Program at the University of Florida.

Doctor Daily’s research interests include human-centered computing, engaging youth in STEM through the arts, utilizing technology to cultivate empathy, and supporting diverse teams in working together.

In an increasingly technological world, Doctor Daily will offer an emphasis on community through and outside of technology. As Bethel focuses on graduating agents of change, Doctor Daily has also researched effective change in an increasingly complicated and scientific society. What are innovative approaches to interacting about emotional, social, and even urban development? Doctor Daily may have a few ideas to address many of the issues facing Bethel students and graduates today.

Check out chapel this Friday (Oct. 21) to hear what she has to say.

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