Bethel to host political debate

The College Democrats and the College Republicans square off Oct. 26 in the Underground.

Anna Bauer | News Reporter

Bethel’s College Democrats and Republicans groups will debate Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Underground.

College Democrats member Berit Turnquist explained that the idea for hosting a political debate resulted from dialogue between both groups, in which an underlying desire for carrying out “civil, productive discussion about political issues” was present.

Determining which issues are top priorities to discuss was difficult. College Republican Chair Sam Krueger states that this particular debate will be grounded on policy.

“We get enough candidate gossip and negative messaging everywhere else in our lives,” Krueger said. “If the politicians do not have time to talk about policy then we will do it ourselves.”

One of the debate’s anticipated impartial moderators Caitlin Navratil seconded this focus, adding, “We will be talking about everything from race relations, foreign policy, gender equality, climate responsibility and many others.”

Turnquist explained that this debate will be an effective way to make politics more accessible for students to participate in. Krueger explained that often lack of participation in political endeavors is a result of an ignorance regarding policy intentions.

“This debate will allow students to get a better picture of both sides,” Krueger said.

Navratil additionally touched on the necessary approaches to politics from a Christian standpoint. “We have a responsibility as Christians to cast an educated vote. In this election season that seems so tainted with hurtful rhetoric and questionable policy choices, it feels very important to help educate and remind students about the point of public office: to make the country better for all groups of people.”

The Clarion will provide live coverage of this event on Facebook and Twitter.

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