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Eco-boxes, bees and herb gardens

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Bethel University club Creation Restoration announces plans for waste reduction initiatives.

Callie Schmidt | News Reporter

Senior Ruth Schaefer walks into a meeting for Creation Restoration, a service-project focused club committed to connecting Christian faith with environmental care. Schaefer begins laying out various containers, explaining how Sodexo General Manager Bob Schuchardt provided Schaefer with disposable materials from Sodexo.

Ruth Schaefer begins laying out all disposable Sodexo products at Creation Restoration meeting Wednesday, Nov. 2. | Photo by Callie Schmidt

Schaefer met with Schuchardt and Sodexo’s communications and marketing head Chris Christenson to discuss ways Creation Restoration can get involved in helping Sodexo with service projects. Eco-boxes, herb gardens, and bees were brought up in the conversation.

Creation Restoration co-leader and senior Marina Jawad proposes the idea of making posters of what materials are supposed to go in trash bins and recycling bins, and possibly making a booth with these posters next week. Jawad also asked members if they would be interested in walking around Lake Valentine and North Village to pick up trash.

Sodexo pitched an event idea to Creation Restoration to help promote eco-boxes, an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative to cardboard disposable products from the 3900 Grill.

“They really want (eco-boxes) to take off, but no one knows what it is,” Schaefer said.

Sodexo would set up a table outside the Grill, give Creation Restoration sheets to help people sign up, and provide a prize for people who sign up for an eco-box.

“I think that will cut back on a lot of waste, even if only 15 people signed up for a green box,” Schaefer said.

Eco-boxes can be purchased for $5 at the Grill. Students receive a card to hand to the cashier the next time they purchase food. When the card is used, food comes in an eco-box. Students can return the box to receive a new card and Sodexo will wash and reuse the box. Students save 10 cents for every meal purchased at the Grill when they use an eco-box.

Read an article about Soxedo’s waste-reducing plans here.

Read another article on Creation Restoration here.

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