Cash Rodamaker

Karina Ritzman and Annalise Beeson | For the Clarion

Senior Cash Rodamaker at Bethel sits back as his roommates cheer at the TV Tuesday night. Rodamaker didn’t have a strong opinion either way in this election. During Election Day and the months before, he remained hopeful.

“God is still the King of this nation, and he doesn’t need to conform to our governing system.” Rodamaker said. He was confident in God’s power over this election.

Rodamaker was concerned on how this election makes Christians look, and more importantly how Jesus looks to America. Evangelical Christians were a large number of votes for Trump, so does this mean that Christians feel the same way about minorities as Trump?

“Jesus would treat the minorities with love, respect and acceptance.” Rodamaker said. Trump expressed harsh views on keeping minorities out of American borders, such as his plan to “build a wall,” but as Christians, Rodamaker believes we should model Jesus’ example and love every single one of them.

Rodamaker remains positive. “God can and will work in Trump’s life, in my life and in this nation.”

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