Conor Nordmeyer

For Conor Nordmeyer, social media didn’t have the same impact on his presidential candidate vote like it did for others.

Logan Clabaugh and Emily Johnson | For the Clarion

It’s 2 p.m. on election day. Freshman Conor Nordmeyer arrives at Valentine Hills Elementary School to vote for president just six hours before the polls close. Like many college students, this is Nordmeyer’s first experience voting for president. Nordmeyer doesn’t have much faith in either major candidate.

Leading up to casting his first presidential vote, Nordmeyer was in the middle of a self-motivated social media fast.

“I needed to cut myself away from social media for a little while,” Nordmeyer said. “(I needed to) live in the moment instead of being on Facebook every five minutes.”

While he wasn’t specifically aiming to avoid the countless election posts that have been filling the feeds this election season, the decision certainly affected his voting experience.

“I didn’t see any of the biased posts from people on Facebook,” Nordmeyer said. “I think it cleared my head.”

Without media influencing his perception of the candidates, Nordmeyer’s decision came down to policy rather than personality. Though, there were other factors as well. Both family influence and personal views contributed to his decision, as he comes from a Republican home in Faribault, Minn. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Nordmeyer had an easy decision to make.

“I didn’t particularly like either candidate, but I decided to vote for Trump,” Nordmeyer said.

Nordmeyer wasn’t alone in his indecision. Polls showed that many Americans wrestled with deciding between the two major candidates. Although, unlike others involved in protests this week, Nordmeyer isn’t as worried about the future under president-elect Donald Trump.

“If Trump has a good staff, he’ll get over his big mouth,” Nordmeyer said.

With the election now over, Nordmeyer waits with the rest of the world for Jan. 20, 2017. The day Trump begins his quest to “Make America Great Again.”

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