Plan ahead for your Black Friday shopping.

By Miranda Weippert | Features Reporter




In recent years, retail stores have started opening their doors early for those hard-core shoppers who wanted to get the best deals and discounts. When digging into why some stores have decided to stay closed Thanksgiving night it was found that many stores have commented saying that Thanksgiving is a holiday and employees should be home with their families – not working.

Below is a shortened list of the stores staying closed for Thanksgiving 2016.

  1. Mall of America
  2. DSW
  3. Ikea
  4. Gamestop
  5. Barnes & Noble
  6. Marshalls
  7. Menards
  8. Staples
  9. Cabela’s
  10. Jo-ANN


Online shopping will still be an option and available for those stores that will be closed and will still have deals going up online, which means hard-core shoppers can still shop those deals with the luxury of sitting at home!

Keep up to date on and view the full list of closed stores here.


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