Thursday, Dec. 1

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CeCe Gaines | News Reporter 

Bethel News

  • Still need to get your flu shot? Health Services is accepting walk-ins until Friday from 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Students: make sure to bring your insurance card. Staff can receive the flu shot at no charge. 

  • Art & Graphic Design students have their annual poster sale in the BC  today  11:15 a.m.-5 p.m. Bring cash and spread the word!
  • Festival of Christmas begins tomorrow! If you bought a ticket, don’t forget to come to Benson Great Hall tonight at 7:30.

Local News

  • According to the Pioneer Press, Minnesota reclaimed the title of “votingest state in the nation.” Click here to see the percentage of Minnesotans who voted, and a turnout map for the rest of the nation.  

  • Gov. Mark Dayton walked out of a meeting earlier this week. Find out what the disagreement waster here.

  • Here is a Pioneer Press guide  that may help when planning the holidays  with your family and friends.

National and World News

  • A plane in Columbia crashed killing 71 people, including members of a Brazilian soccer team, according to CNN. Find out the cause of the crash here
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and President-elect Donald Trump recently had coinciding ideas. Find out what they agreed on here
  • The Canadian town of Kensington is taking punishing drunk drivers to the next level this holiday season, according to CNN. They will still charge a driver, but they’ve added another component. The added punishment may involve Nickelback. Read the full story here.

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