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Music Bits: Feeling nostalgic? Try Destiny’s Child or Taylor Swift

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Destiny’s Child/Bills, Bills, Bills

Logo_bethelbits_HudallaI miss the early 2000s. The synopsis of my early life consisted of a lot of attitude, and even more confidence mixed in with countless memories. Unapologetic confidence is the one aspect of my childhood that I wish I could fully live out today. When “Bills, Bills, Bills” came out, I was three years old and probably the most spunky toddler you’d meet. So, when I was watching the videos MTV used to air, the amazing vocals, attitude, and confidence exemplified in this song hit me like a freight train – and gave me an excuse to be sassier than I already was.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_gaines_13I didn’t know what bills were, I didn’t care. All I knew was Beyonce was mad at a man who needed to pay the bills he was creating in her name. I walked around the house for weeks singing this song (not to the satisfaction of my parents, might I add). Despite what my parents said, I loved Beyonce and I wanted to be her, or her friend and group member, Kelly (if I was remotely near Beyonce that would be acceptable). I never aspired to be Michelle though. No one liked Michelle. So, if I ever get too consumed in my current life and need memories from the past, I put in my headphones and press play.

–CeCe Gaines, News Reporter

Taylor Swift/Everything has Changed

I used to work at an elementary after-school care program and often found myself wishing I could return to my childhood. Nostalgia would creep up on me when a child would crawl in my lap to be read to or helping them craft the perfect cookie worthy of giving to their childhood crush.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_lawless_12The problem with childhood, however, is that you can’t go back. I love this video so much because it does just that. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s miniature doppelgängers wander through the wonders of childhood that I remember so well. If I ever feel a wistfulness for the simplicity of childhood (and need a laugh at kids putting marker all over their faces), all I do is click play.

– Kellie Lawless, features reporter


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