Tech bits: Workout and hair stuff we need


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Logo_bethelbits_HudallaRunning for me is something I do almost every day, especially when the weather screams for me to come outside. However, I never had shorts with pockets that would hold my phone and my armband would never fit right or it would irritate my skin. Last summer, I decided to run my first half marathon and one day I was about to go train when my mother gave me this weird soft band. I looked at it with kind of a confused daze. My mom explained it was for my phone and that I wear it while running. I decided to try it.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_lee_2I loved it. At times it would ride up, but other than that it was the best new running gadget I had ever received. It was a success when it came to my half-marathon date as well. Never again did I drop my phone or tire out my arm, even worse, get a funny tan on my arm from the running band.

This new-ish running band will save your hand energy and phone. Just slip it into one of the many essential, life-changing pockets and the runner inside you is ready to go. It is a soft and flexible band meant to stick on the hips while running. Unlike an armband that weighs me down and bounces all around, this nifty flipbelt can be worn over or underneath clothing and doesn’t irritate me or bounce around, no matter how many pockets are filled. This flipbelt is the easiest new tool that actually makes running easy.

–Tatiana Lee

Goody hair ties

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The only item more crucial to me than oxygen is the small, black elastic I never take off my wrist. Leaving home without my Goody ponytail is equivalent to going pants-less, or forgetting my slightly cracked iPhone 6 on my desk. A single hair tie occupies every room of my home, slightly hidden so others in the house won’t steal it or throw it away. Goody hair ties have never allowed my ponytail hairstyle to crumble during a volleyball match. Or, the most infuriating of them all, snapped mid-updo and flew into my cornea.  

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_nelson_8Looking back in my adolescent yearbooks, I wish I had left the tacky ribbon ties at home. And the  Other brands that left a mountainous, embarrassing crease in my brunette hair. Eventually, through much trial and error, I miraculously found Goody. Perhaps the only flaw of Goody hair elastics are that they somehow always go missing. Or the fact they invented the flower bead monstrosities, a ponytail every girl instinctively rubs their head when brought up.

All in all, after a long day of my flyaway locks filling me with unholy anger, the best part of my day is rolling the LBP (little black ponytail)  off my permanently outlined wrist and pulling my hair back.

–Sarah Nelson


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Your hand begins to cramp, the blazing heat of the 1 inch curling wand gets a little too close to your face, and just as you unwind the strand hair, it flops down like a college student on their couch after a day-full of classes. You don’t have time for this! You need to get out the door and on with your day, but now you’re flying by the seat of your pants because your dinky $20 curling wand from Walmart couldn’t do it’s job. Don’t fret. Beauty technicians at BaByliss put their brains together to create a solution for you.  It’s called MiraCurl.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_shaw_3This isn’t your ordinary curling wand. It’s the world’s first fully automated professional curling machine that gives you a complete 24-hour hold. They promise a 20 percent higher curl definition, 50 percent better curl formation, longer lasting curls and extra shiny hair. Before I had this beauty product in my life, I never curled my hair.  I was born with a full head of very thick, blond hair, so curling my hair was a struggle for me. Most curling wands I used wouldn’t hold the curl for very long, and they’d fry and damage my hair. But one day my hair stylist introduced me to this curling machine, and I fell in love with it! From then on, I curled my hair with ease. Some nights I would curl my entire head within 15-20 minutes using little to no hairspray and sleep on it. The next day I’d wake up with fully curled hair and ready to head out the door in no time.

Overall, this product is worth the money! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to curl their hair effortlessly. Babyliss technicians may not be Jesus, but they have performed quite the MiraCurl with this one.

–Bri Shaw