The 612: Sportsology


Race a T-Rex or a professional athlete

Logo_The612_HudallaEver dream of racing a T-Rex or jumping as high as professional basketball players? Look no further, the Science Museum of Minnesota has you covered. This new addition allows you learn about your body in motion and compare it to some of the most renowned athletes in the world.  

Visitors of all ages can interact with three different lab stations to fully understand how to get that goal or swing that racket perfectly.

The first lab station is called “Motion Lab.” You can hop in the fenced cage and begin practicing cartwheels, throwing footballs, or kicking a goal while a camera records your every move. Afterward, you can analyze the video of your body in motion and compare it to professional athletes.

The second lab is called “Born to Run” which gives you the chance to race against a T-Rex, professional athletes and Minnesota Twin’s mascot T.C. Bear. You may stand a chance against the pros and T.C., but it’s more than likely the T-Rex will give you a run for your money (no pun intended).

Lastly, the third lab called “Faster, Higher, Better” is all about practicing those high jumps. You can compete against other guests and compare it to some of the most famous basketball players in the world.

Tickets are only $18.95 if you order now.

Swing by between 9:00 am – 9:30 pm any day of the week for an awesome way to learn about your body in motion.

  • When: April 1
  • Category: Arts & Theatre
  • What: Sportsology
  • Where: Science Museum of Minnesota

–Bri Shaw