The 612: WWI America


Time travel to WWI

Logo_The612_HudallaHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the times that America was transforming into what it is today? The Minnesota History Center is hosting an exhibit to help you experience the past! The exhibit, WWI America, is opening on April 8th in honor of the 100th anniversary and America’s peak involvement in the war. This exhibit was created by the Minnesota Historical Society and it’s goal is to tell the stories of Americans during this revolutionary time in our country. The exhibit includes original artifacts, images, voices, music, interactive activities and multimedia to truly give guests an authentic encounter. Guests will experience the cultural happenings, the implications and much more from this time period. Guests can also watch and give input on the process of a mural being painted during the exhibit. Being a history or war buff is not necessary to learn from and enjoy this event because this era progressed our entire country in many different ways, so come travel to the past and celebrate our country’s history!

  • What: WWI America
  • Where: Minnesota History Center
  • When: April 8th – September 4th
  • Cost: $6-$12. Free for active duty military and veterans, members and children under 4


–Sam Petterson