Fashion bits: Celebrity critiques

Goner for Golden glam

Logo_bethelbits_HudallaI’m a sucker for Hollywood glam. Every winter formal, I dig through the racks of bedazzled and lacy gowns, trying to pull together the perfect mix of Hollywood with a hint of vintage. My inspiration: Emma Stone, queen of Oscar fashion.

Few actresses can pull off old Hollywood glam like Emma Stone. The 28-year-old actress stole the show with her glitzy body-con gown with beaded fringe that skimmed the famous red carpet. Although gold was by far the most popular choice for Oscar nominees, Stone stood out from the crowd. She resembled the coveted gold plated Oscar, the flapper inspired trim covered in Swarovski Crystals shimmied every time she moved. She finished off her unforgettable outfit with soft waves, bright red lipstick, and drooping silver earrings. Stone also donned the Planned Parenthood logo on the lip of her sweetheart dress, artfully hidden amidst the glitter. The best part of the outfit? It was designed by Givenchy couture, paying homage to the Oscar nominated movie, La La Land, in which Stone won Best Actress.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_lawless_12Fans of La La Land and fashion critics alike raved over Stone’s dress, giving her high praise for a unique style. Even though I’ve loved every ensemble I’ve worn to winter formal, I’m a long shot away from Stone’s impeccable style. Next formal, however, I aim to have others gush over my chosen outfit and win best dressed among the party goers. Watch out Emma Stone; you’ve got competition.

–Kellie Lawless


A Critique of Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars straddles the line between 50s mobster and GQ legend.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_hudalla_1He pulls off polka-dots and hot pink–an image some would consider a threat to masculinity.  In an age of ripped shirts and deep V-necks, Mars is a breath of classic air. His music wasn’t the only thing that brought funk back– his fashion did, too. Often clad in the suave suit of a made man and a Capone-styled hat, Mars upped the stakes for men on the red carpet. He even upped the idea of being casual by “roughing it” in a silk robe and curlers. Coming from a girl who thrives in leggings and cotton tees, I’m impressed by his ability to always dress to the nines.

–Jamie Hudalla


I will be the first to admit that I don’t have incredible style. I have about as much fashion sense as I do common sense (and according to my dad, that isn’t much). With that being said, I still appreciate the looks and ideas of others who excel in fashion. I look for inspiration and guidance to my lacking fashion knowledge from friends, Pinterest models, celebrities and the like. When looking to celebrities, it is clear that their Hollywood fashion sense is too advanced for my inadequate Minnesotan wardrobe, but that doesn’t stop the flow of influence coming from pieces of outfits or the essence of an outfit as a whole.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_petterson_11One fashion trend that is gaining popularity among celebrities is wearing sheer shirts with nothing underneath. This is also one fashion trend I will not be following. I can get behind the sheer look–as long as there’s something a little lacy, a little solid, a little anything underneath. I get that some celebrities are trying to promote the desexualization of female anatomy and what not, but I personally feel we can attempt to desexualize our culture while still holding on to modesty. Let’s leave a little more to the imagination, ladies!

One celebrity who is infamous for this look is Kendall Jenner. While I do think Kendall has great style, I personally think her outfits could be easily improved. I think the types of tops she wears would look better with something to cover herself up.

She would achieve the same idea of the style by putting something underneath. Overall, this outfit is a good look–minus the overall sheerness. Maybe I’m behind the times, or maybe it is my utter lack of fashion sense, but either way, you won’t catch me wearing this look anytime soon.

–Sam Petterson