Music bits: Songs for love

Dirt On My Boots by Jon Pardi

Bethel BitsAfter our date night at Riverside in Watertown, my boyfriend, Josiah, and I were sitting in the back of a black Chevy Malibu while our friends drove us home to Winsted, MN. Josiah and our friends loved country music, yet I on the other hand wasn’t too fond of it.

I grew up in the ‘burbs and was used to listening to Taylor Swift or Beyonce, but Josiah and our friends lived out in the country, so Country music was what they listened to most. Despite my hatred for it, I listened.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_shaw_3The song Dirt on my Boots by Jon Pardi began playing, and tone deaf Josiah began singing along. He grabbed my hand and started serenading me and, for some reason, I knew in that moment he truly loved me. Everything was perfect. Even the flat notes coming out of Josiah’s mouth.

—Bri Shaw

Annie’s Song by John Denver

Every time I hear “Annie’s Song” by John Denver, I think about the summer of 2015. I spent all my weekends driving up I-35 in my family’s 2002 Honda Accord with my friends. Our final destination: the Superior Hiking Trail. With all my things for a weekend of backpacking secured on my back, I played John Denver’s sweet voice through my mind like a record.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_vanloh_6It danced out of my ears, across the rugged cliffs and through the tall grasses. There is something about his voice that has the ability to embody every winding river, wildflower and streak of sunshine. Even though John Denver passed away several years ago, his legacy sings through the winds of the forests, among the crashing waves and through pockets of nature that I desire to visit when I hear him sing.

—McKenzie Van Loh