Music bits: G-Eazy

Bethel BitsHe dropped his mike and crunched up for too many minutes. It felt real seeing him cry like that. It made me feel the lyrics, the situation, his life. I think that’s what he was getting at. He was singing Everything Will Be Okay. I wasn’t expecting a rapper to sing such an emotionally-charged song at a concert, but he did. It didn’t take more than four minutes for him to drop down and cry for his past. He was an emotional wreck, and for the few minutes he was down, so was the crowd. It wasn’t until he stood up did I ask myself, “Was he faking it?”

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_lee_2To some, G-Eazy wrote stereotypical rap songs about work, sex, drugs, and love in his first album from 2014, These Things Happen. However, in 2015 he came out with his second album called When It’s Dark Out, which characterized his music on an emotional, intelligent and deeper level than fans were used to. This album was not only jaw-dropping, but quickly got more people addicted to his more genuine and spoken artist image.

He presumed to rap about situations in his life such as suicide, the girl of his life and societies values that interested him. G-Eazy open himself up and showed people his true self, holding back many life lessons and situations, but opening enough to show that he was able to connect emotionally, physically and mentally with people listening to his music.

—Tatiana Lee