Money bits: Lipsense

Bethel BitsYou can break up with your boyfriend and cry while wearing it and your salty hormonal tears won’t whisk it away. You can lounge around on the laziest Saturday of your life and sleep on your mother’s pearl-fabric couch and not worry about transferring the color. It won’t get on the nubs of your front teeth while giving a presentation, or get on the tip of your dog’s nose when you give her a big ole’ smooch on the way out your door in the morning.

Recently, I stumbled upon a company called SeneGence.You may have seen its brand without knowing its origin. Within the last few years the company created a product called Lipsense, or as I like to call it, MAGIC. Seriously. Lipsense is an upcoming hot commodity in the Midwest, though it has already taken over the makeup world in the South, as well as on the West Coast. I’m about to change your life, ladies, so buckle up and put down that $17.00 matte Mac lipstick in the shade Diva.

Lipsense is a lip color that stays on for 18+ hours. Yes, you read that correctly, and your eye doctor would be beaming with pride (except he’s not, because that would mean he’s here and nobody wants an eye doc lurking in their life OK). One of the worst crimes in the world is when a gal picks up her to-go cup of hot chai, takes a delicate sip and is left with a cup that is purely white besides the giant smooch mark left on the lip-engaging buttress. Yes, that’s what the drinking hole is called on your coffee lid. This is not a drill. Lipsense has redefined the entire nature of lipstick by creating a product that does not transfer onto ANY surface.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_witzke_9As of last week, I became a distributor of this profound product in order to help me clear up any unnecessary free time between nursing lectures, journalism classes, 80 externship hours, required community engagement “volunteer” hours, hospice volunteering, dog certification training, spending time with family and friends, and keeping my eyes on Jesus. The $66.95 I put into the business is only a small fraction of what the company is worth to me, because now I can give my pals (and lotsa strangers, too) lips that last. Plus this endeavor has forced me to learn way more about starting a business than I ever cared to know, yet I am now a proud business owner with the title PuckerUpWithPeyton, and I even have my own tax identification number. How’s that for 23 years old?  

—Peyton Witzke