Money bits: Cusco backpack

Bethel BitsThere isn’t a better use for $89.95 than a 26 Liter Cusco Backpack from Cotopaxi. I have never had a backpack come through as well as this one. It comes complete with a water bottle sleeve and adventure straps. From hiking volcanoes in Guatemala to conquering Colorado’s’ Rocky Mountains, this sturdy little guy has held safe my laptop, camera, and tripod.

This backpack not only looks good while exploring the world but also in my everyday life. It has a casual look to it while maintaining that adventure look as well. Although it is only 26 liters, I find all my necessities from the depths of my bag.

It is almost like an Undetectable Extension Charm was put on it.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_holmberg_14Everything from pens, paper, laptop, textbooks, and even my toothbrush can be found inside.

When I purchase backpacks, I always worry how long they will last. Cotopaxi has a lifetime warranty on their bags. They claim that their bags will last and if they don’t, they will refund you 100 percent%. “Gear for Good” is how they describe their products and I believe that to be true. I love this bag because it not only looks good, but it feels good, too. I have a soft spot for Cotopaxi because most of their products are made in the Philippines. Represent.

Carlo Holmberg