IP_Logo (1)Senior music major Elias Ciesluk opens up about his faith, sexuality and gender identity. On his Facebook page, Ciesluk describes himself as “feminist, trans and queer.”

In his free time, Ciesluk enjoys sleeping, watching Netflix and playing piano. Ciesluk is also an advocate for safe spaces on Bethel’s campus, as he feels students need a place to process their feelings without facing judgement or criticism.

Ciesluk struggled to determine his sexual identity freshman year and felt he had no place to go to discuss what he was feeling. Now that he has reconciled his faith and his identity, Ciesluk wants everyone to show love and be loved.

–Videographed by Callie Schmidt, Josh Towner and Jared Martinson. Produced by Jared Martinson. Editing assistance by Josh Towner and Callie Schmidt.

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