Interim study abroad fair

Online applications for interim study abroad trips opened Mar. 28, offering new trips to Taiwan and New Zealand.

Online applications for interim study abroad trips opened Mar. 28, offering new trips to Taiwan and New Zealand.

By Ryan Russie

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Brushaber Commons from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the Interim Abroad Fair on Mar. 28, when all online applications opened for the first time.

Four programs from outside Bethel University were represented, as well as nine faculty-led trips, including two brand new trips: one to Taiwan, and the other to New Zealand.

Students collected brochures as they moved from one decorated table to another. The two new trips attracted a lot of attention.

The Taiwan trip had several visitors at their table, as Yu-li Chang-Zacher, a professor of journalism, gave details about the program that will focus on contemporary wellbeing and traditional therapies.

A group of students clumped around the New Zealand table as Ken Rohly, a professor of chemistry who is helping lead the trip, explained that the country is sometimes idealized, but “it is everything and more you could imagine.”

Andrea Henry, a junior majoring in business, was one of many students walking around to various tables and contributing to the constant chatter in the BC. She is looking to study abroad next year and found one trip that stood out to her: “New Zealand, for sure,” she said.

Melanie Eslinger, Assistant Director of International Studies, discusses study abroad programs with a student. | Photo by Ryan Russie 

Melanie Eslinger, Bethel’s assistant director of international studies, was excited about the energy of the day. “It’s an experience you literally cannot have on campus,” she explained. Eliza Jensen, Bethel’s International Studies Program Coordinator, was also full of smiles during the fair, explaining that studying abroad “completely changes the way you look at life.”

Vincent Peters, the associate dean of off-campus programs and international studies at Bethel, was adamant about the importance of studying abroad: “this is a once in a lifetime experience,” he said. More information about each of the trips is available on the Bethel University study abroad website:


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