Finishing Strong

Track and Field runner Shawn Monroe limped 350m on a pulled hamstring to achieve All-American status for the men’s 4x400m relay team.

By Tatiana Lee

Monroe races at Koza Athletic Park in his home, Okinawa, Japan. | SUBMITTED PHOTO

Monroe calls his injury a humbling moment because for him, running is more than winning a national title. For him running is a way he glorifies God. “No matter good or bad, I’m glorifying God,” Monroe said. “I can’t do anything without him.”

He might not have won a national title, but he left with a bigger award. The team was named All-American, and Monroe had the right to say that glorifying God with his entire team was more than he could have asked for.

Sophomore Isaac Erickson runs the 4x400m with Monroe and had the same expectations for the team.

“Proud of the rest of my teammates and everyone that helped us get to nationals,” said Erickson. “The race wasn’t exactly what we wanted or expected, but at the end of the day we gave it all we had.”

Monroe is persistent and faithful to the love of the sport and shows this by already looking to reach another goal; national champions for the outdoor season.


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