Humans of Bethel: Hannah Rude

Trip of a lifetime reminds artist to praise God for her gifts and talents.

Trip of a lifetime reminds artist to praise God for her gifts and talents.

Editing by Jasmine Johnson 

The event that has shaped me the most would probably be the mission trip I took to Bosnia and Herzegovina a year ago. I did it through my church. I went three or four years ago for the first time. My church said we should go, and I was down for that.

When I went the first time, it was supposed to be a snowboarding type of ministry, but there was no snow. We just improvised and went with it. Since there was snow last year, we got to snowboard. It was cool because we got to do stuff that we liked to do. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast and then we would go hit the slopes. While we were on the chair lift, we would just talk about our lives and our faith. We were there to encourage them because a lot of the people in Bosnia are Muslim. It’s super strict, so their religion was bonding them to this way of life.

Photo by Alicia Dahl

I learned to be bold in my faith. I actually got a tattoo about it to make sure I stuck to it …  it’s a lion with a crown, obviously like King J, and lions are really bold and loud. If you’re getting close to a lion, you know. So when I talk to people about my faith, I carry that same spirit of God. I got it on my right arm because it’s the hand that I draw and paint with. All of that talent and inspiration comes from God. Not only does it remind me of that trip, but it also humbles me when it comes to making stuff. It’s not me that’s doing it, it’s coming down from Him.

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