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PHOTO ESSAY: Women’s Soccer wins a 2-1 overtime thriller against St. Olaf

The Royals emerged victorious on Tuesday in an intense match with St. Olaf. Scroll for photos of the action!

By: Carlo Holmberg

Senior forward Maggie Sipe leads the Bethel starting lineup.
After scoring the first goal of the match, senior forward Britney Monteon is swarmed by teammates in celebration.
Maggie Sipe looks on during the match against St. Olaf. The Royals won in overtime, 2-1.
Britney Monteon angles for a shot attempt during the match Sept. 18.
Junior defender Sierra Smith delivers a centering pass during the Bethel soccer match against St. Olaf.
Freshman defender Tessah Anderson elevates for the header. Anderson recorded three shots in the match.
Junior center Sarah Gielau sheds the heavy jacket during a breezy game day on Sept. 18.
Senior center Becca Brubaker subs out partway through the match. Brubaker tallied two shots on the day.
Freshman forward Lauren Davis sends a header on net. She added one shot on goal off the bench for the Royals.
Tessah Anderson quenches thirst during a timeout.
Three Royals embrace after junior center Brooke Ogne scores the game-winning goal in overtime against St. Olaf.
The Bethel soccer game film team poses during a timeout. All parts of the machine are critical!

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