Business and Economics Department moves to Robertson Center

By Ally O’Neil

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Bethel University introduces a new space for Business and Economics students and faculty. Renovations began in the spring of 2018, which moved the Financial Aid Office up to the fourth floor of the Hagstrom Center. The department officially opened up the space for the student body this fall.
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Cubicle spaces located in the new space help faculty connect with their students. This addition also provides a professional environment for the department that encourages people to work together.
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Sophomore business major Koby Eckert works on homework in the lobby. “My favorite part about the new space is how it brings both students and faculty together in one work area,” he said.
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Bethel juniors Kayla Ruf, Anthony Nelson and Jack McGowan solve problems for classes in a booth. This area of the department provides a space for group work on homework and other projects.
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The Thrivent Financial Lab is another area where students can meet and work together. It’s the only room with a smartboard, which provides more resources for classes. “It’s my favorite spot in the department. I’m able to use it for my investments class,” Junior Anthony Nelson said.
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Senior business student Katie Finney listens to music to stay focused. “I appreciate they made this to be a new focal point for business students and faculty,” she said
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Senior finance major Wes Nelson studies at the front desk of the department.The doors lock at 5:00pm, which allows only business students to scan into the department with their IDs to work during the night if needed.
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Along with the business and economics space, the renovated DeVries Lounge mimics the department’s new design. The lounge chairs and high tables give students another comfortable space to work.

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