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One body event Tuesday night

Panelists answer questions on faith-life and community.

One Body – a Q&A panel with Pastor Dan Adler, Pastor Edrin Williams, Ann Vu, Scott Soshay, and Mari Torres – will be held in The Underground at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The 90-minute discussion is a new event put on by United Cultures of Bethel and Student Ministries. The six panelists will answer questions surrounding culture and community. It is open for students to ask questions about how culture impacts their faith community at Bethel. Food and worship will accompany the discussion panel.

“Our hope and prayer for this event is that people come with open hearts, ready to learn more about our own cultures and celebrate the differences in the cultures of others as well,” said Jessica Nafe, Executive Director of Student Ministries.

–Chloe Peter, Clarion correspondent

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