Dorm hosts alcohol awareness night

Nelson Hall will update freshmen on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Nelson Hall is hosting Alcohol Awareness Night for freshmen Nov. 15 at 9 p.m.  with the goal to educate students about substance abuse in a residence hall setting. There will be drinks set up at the fake bar with a root beer keg and non-alcoholic Jello shots. Students will mingle through various stations as they answer trivia, try on fatal vision goggles and play drinking games such as Tippy Cup, receiving a stamp for each drink they consume.

At the end of the night, an app will add up all of the drinks after accounting for gender and weight, revealing a blood-alcohol concentration that is fatal for many students.

“It’s easy to think that the (Bethel) covenant is harsh, or ‘Yeah, we’re Bethel; we’re a dry campus,’” Resident Assistant Jensen Potts said. “First, it’s a fun event. But it also shows that there’s a reason that Bethel doesn’t want us participating in drinking alcohol.”

– Emma Harville, Clarion correspondent

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