Multicultural Festival to be held Friday

United Cultures of Bethel and Student Activities are partnering on an event in efforts to expose students to the diverse cultures on campus.

By Emma Harville

United Cultures of Bethel is partnering with Student Activities for the first time to host a Multicultural Festival under the Egg in Brushaber Commons Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. Student groups representing different cultures, countries and heritages will be set up at tables around the BC. Those who attend the festival will be given pretend passports to travel to each table and learn about the many cultures that make up Bethel’s student body.

Stations may offer items such as traditional foods, common prayers, traditional clothing, games and art. Students will be encouraged to mingle throughout the various stations, sample food and enjoy a live musical performance while learning about the different traditions and customs of their peers.

Voz Latinx leader Lizzie Sanchez hopes that students will hear beyond the typical stories they already know and broaden their outlook in an exciting atmosphere.

“I think students would love just simply being able to come to a space where they’ll be able to learn and where they will engage with other students that they’ll see every day on campus,” Sanchez said.

Callie Thielke and Dah Zar, Executive Directors of SA and UCB respectively, have had a vision for the Multicultural Festival for several months and are excited to partner with one another for the first time to raise cultural awareness at Bethel and provide support and exposure for students who have a rich history to share.

“You get to see your peers – people you’re friends with and people you see on campus everyday – showing off where they come from and what they’re made of,” Thielke said. “I think we all connect with each other on this campus through Jesus and being Christians, and we have that commonality, but we also have so many differences. The more we know about each other, the easier it is to endlessly love on them.”

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