Jay Barnes will share his story Tuesday night

By Elena Vaughn

President Jay Barnes will give his testimony to the Bethel community Tuesday night at 9 P.M. in the Underground. A month after announcing his retirement, Barnes agreed to spend a night sharing more about his faith journey.

Speaking for Student Ministries, Executive Director Jessica Nafe said they were “ecstatic that Jay wanted to share his testimony with the student body.”

Director Rebecca Martin reached out to Barnes before spring break to invite him to share at this event. Testify is a monthly event where two students have the opportunity to share their testimonies with their classmates.

“Students love hearing one another’s stories, being real and vulnerable with one another,” Nafe said. “It’s a beautiful opportunity to really get to know the girl you pass in the hallway or the guy you have class with, to know their full story.”

Although Barnes has spoken publicly about the university’s faith and values many times, leaders from Student Ministries expressed their excitement to hear more about his personal faith journey.

“This is not so much about what is happening at Bethel, but about how my walk with Jesus has evolved over time [and] changed from the time that I made a childhood profession of faith to the present,” Barnes said.

In preparing for this event, Barnes shared what he wants students take away from his message.

“I hope students will be encouraged that life with Jesus is ongoing, includes different seasons, and is enriched by journeying with other believers,” Barnes said.

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