Top 10 Coffee Shops Worth Visiting in the Twin Cities

It takes more than a quick hit of caffeine and sugar to create a worthwhile coffee experience. Here’s a look at the top coffee shops to explore around the Twin Cities.

By Taylor Fondie

Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea

Minneapolis, Minn.

  • LA, big city, millennial vibes
  • Swings to sit on and a fireplace 
  • Wide selection of coffee, tea and food
  • Prepare for street parking only

Five Watt

Minneapolis, Minn.

  • Urban style, high degree of sophistication 
  • Alternative milks for those who are lactose intolerant 
  • Top-notch service from the baristas 
  • Coffee art 

Gray Fox Coffee

Minneapolis, Minn.

  • Minimalist and luxurious
  • Great place to do homework or chat with a friend
  • Warm and friendly service
  • Coffee and food is delicious

Penny’s Coffee

Minneapolis, Minn.

  • Modern, elegant aesthetic in a great location
  • Outdoor seating
  • Alternative milk options
  • Delicious coffee, pastries and crepes 

Cafe Astoria

Saint Paul, Minn.

  • Historic, beautifully decorated building
  • Insta-worthy photo-op of the exquisite coffee art
  • Friendly and hardworking staff 
  • Busy on the weekends

Isles Bun and Coffee

Minneapolis, Minn.

  • Neighborhood bakery
  • A great price for top-quality coffee and food
  • Try the puppy dog tails and cinnamon rolls
  • Outdoor seating

Dogwood Coffee

Minneapolis, Minn.

  • Nice ambiance with a print house next door
  • Baristas are attentive to making good quality coffee
  • A nice, quiet place to study
  • Coffee is a bit pricey

Limu Coffee

New Brighton, Minn.

  • Cozy, quiet and small atmosphere close to campus
  • Friendly and personal staff
  • Great coffee for a great price
  • Quick and efficient service

Nina’s Coffee Cafe

St Paul, Minn.

  • Beautiful historic atmosphere
  • Delicious variety of coffee and pastries
  • Several gluten-free and vegan food options
  • Busy on the weekends

Peace Coffee

Minneapolis, Minn.

  • Very quiet and colorful place to sit down and study
  • Excellent and friendly staff
  • Offer coffee classes
  • Huge selection of caffeinated drinks

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