Letter from the Editor

By Jasmine Johnson

Memories of street lights turning off without warning and eery adventures exploring underground tunnels in the old seminary building bounced between staff members one Tuesday morning as spooky season approached.

Protesters and supporters flooded the streets outside the Target Center for the Trump rally. A few Clarion reporters were pepper sprayed and booed for wearing press passes.

A monthly event is held in the Anderson Center for single parents, providing a space for them to connect. Meanwhile, an unnamed student runs an Instagram page devoted to anonymous love letters.

Columnists discuss their embarrassing sports injuries and contemplations about the American Dream.

Some of these stories may resonate with you. Others may be a stretch to learn about and appreciate. But that’s the joy of journalism. Reporters become mini experts in various fields, trying on different lenses for each piece. We’re challenged to slip on someone else’s glasses for a time, even if it strains our eyes.

We create this newspaper to invite you into that same journey of discovery. Let empathy run its course. When you’re waiting for your iced vanilla latte in Brushaber Commons, take a look at the people around you instead of scrolling through Instagram. Each one of those faces has a story. Allow curiosity to linger. Don’t dismiss questions that arise. Instead, bring them into the light and grab your glasses. You never know when apple juice will pop up in the dining center as a result.

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