Sean Doherty announced his and seven other senators’ resignations via a letter sent in a Student Senate email Monday. 

By Molly Korzenowski

Sean Doherty, Executive Director of Bethel Student Senate resigned from his position Monday. An email was sent to every member of Student Senate with an attached letter from Doherty that announced and explained his resignation. 

In the letter, Doherty, a senior at Bethel University, mentions a pattern of “wrong, disrespectful, and racist actions that students of color have endured by the student leaders and administrators that are supposed to serve them” as a main reason for his resignation.

seanportrait (1)
Sean Doherty (Photo courtesy of BSG)

“I will always believe in the importance and power of representation,” Doherty states in the letter. “But I cannot in good faith, continue to ask students to give up and tell their stories in an attempt to create the change they need to feel safe and acknowledged, only to be silenced and disrespected.”

At the bottom of the letter, which is posted below, the names of seven other senators were listed, signifying their resignations. 

Along with Doherty, senators Genola Segbee, Leslee Gutiérrez Carrillo, Kristina Curtis, Kadrian Chambers, Tu Lor Eh Paw, Becky Valencia and Tazrae Jemeli Song’ony left their positions.

As of now, Sam Nguyen will take over as Executive Director of Student Senate. He was voted to serve as Pro Temp during the initial elections. According to the Student Senate Manual of Operations, the Student Senate will hold special elections or have an executive fill the vacant spot in the event of a resignation. At this time, it is unclear which route the senate will choose to take.

The Clarion was unable to reach Doherty for a comment. 

Read the resignation letter here.

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