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What will seniors do? 

By Abby Pautz

The MIAC canceled all spring sports amidst the nationwide health pandemic known as COVID-19. The MIAC Presidents’ council voted March 13 to cancel the remainder of the 2020 regular conference season and postseason. For more on that click here

“I feel like I am missing out on training with teammates and the encouragement and drive that they give in day to day workouts,” said senior track and field athlete Shawn Monroe.

Since athletic competitions cannot be done virtually, the MIAC announced a new rule that gives senior spring-sport student-athletes the opportunity to compete during the 2020-2021 academic year. The rules will allow a one-time eligibility exception for the graduating seniors as long as they continue to be enrolled at their school and meet all credit requirements. These spring sports include: baseball, softball, tennis, outdoor track and field and golf.

There have been questions about whether the NCAA as a whole would allow winter athletes, who were competing in championships that were canceled, would also be granted a year of eligibility, but their governing board decided against it. 

“I think that it is awesome that the MIAC is giving the opportunity to compete for another year,” said Monroe. “However, this limits a lot of athletes because, as a Division III athlete, we do not get the luxury of competing on scholarship, which makes this a tough decision.” 

Monroe brings up the point that deciding whether or not he will take advantage of this extra year is something most seniors will inevitably have to decide. 

“As much as I would have loved to compete a fourth season, I’m on track to graduate in May and already have a job lined up which would, unfortunately, make competing next year difficult,” said Monroe. 

Check back as we continue to check in with seniors from different spring sports on their thoughts about having an extra year of eligibility.

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