What to do: Grab a towel

Some of the best beaches that Minnesota has to offer

By Laura Osterlund

With temperatures rising, many seek to cool down at the beach. And in the land of 10,000 lakes, there certainly are plenty.

Here are some of the best beaches near Bethel to have some fun in the sun.

Long Lake Badge

  1. Long Lake Regional Park and Public Beach, New Brighton:

This park and beach is the ultimate location to hangout. The large amounts of grassy area offer enough space to play games or to throw around a football or frisbee, and the park provides plenty of opportunity to practice social distancing with other groups. It’s divided into several smaller parks that contain picnic areas, a playground and open fields. There’s even a concessions shack. The beach itself has a long shoreline and soft sand and the water is very clean.


Johanna badge

2. Lake Johanna/Tony Schmitt Regional Park, Arden Hills:

The nice thing about this beach is its proximity to Bethel, making it a nice meeting place. It has several picnic tables and grills, making it a good place for a cook-out and there are plenty of trees to set up a hammock. The beach itself is generally not too crowded.



Turtle Lake Badge3. Turtle Lake Park, Shoreview:

This beach features a large sand area, making it a great spot to lay down on a towel. There is also a good-sized grass area that’s a perfect space for recreational activities such as soccer and spike ball.





Honorable Mentions

  1. Lake Owasso County Park, Shoreview
  2. Memorial Beach Park, White Bear Lake
  3. Snail lake Regional Park, Shoreview
  4. Silver Lake Beach Park, Columbia Heights
  5. Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis
  6. Square Lake Park, May Township

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