InstaCreator: Designer

The Clarion searches deep in the trenches of Instagram to discover unique student creators.

By Rachel Blood & Thanh Nguyen


This week, the Clarion spoke to senior graphic design major Katie Viesselman:

Q: When did you start taking an interest in design? What (or who) inspired it?

A: I always had a love for being creative since I was a kid, and started design in high school. I think the inspiration came from just an immediate love for the creative process.

Q: What programs do you use for graphic design purposes?

A:  I especially love Adobe Illustrator.

Q: What is your favorite thing to design?

A: My current favorite things to design are album covers or Netflix show posters.

Q: How long does your average design take to complete?

A: The average project takes around an hour.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment as a designer? What is your goal?

A: My biggest accomplishments have really come from being able to work for hours on something until I’ve gone over every detail, and can see the final product. My goal is to just keep improving. As I inch closer to graduation, I hope to enter a career with confidence in my work, but also the attitude that I have so much to learn.


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