Far From Home: Germany

A quick look at new Bethel arrivals from across the nation and overseas.

By Rachel Blood

Twin sisters — Chloe, a social work student, and Izzy Smith, a biokinetics student — both plan to attend Bethel this Fall. To make their story even more unique, the sisters are coming 6500 miles from Germany, as the crow flies. 

Izzy & Chloe Smith
Izzy and Chloe Smith | Photo submitted

Q: Where you were born, where did you grow up, and where do you live now? How did you end up there?

A: We were born at the Lakenheath, England Air Force Base. Right now we live in Spangdahlem, Germany. Our dad is a part of the military, so we were stationed overseas for his job. 

Q: How did you first hear about Bethel?

A: Our grandparents live in St. Louis Park, MN, so they know about all of the colleges over there and gave us bits and pieces about what each college has to offer. There’s also a family over here in Germany whose sister went to Bethel and she said it was the best experience of her life. 


Q: What made you choose to attend school so far from home?

A: Our grandparents live 20 minutes away from the campus and Minnesota is our home away from home, which makes it a bit easier leaving our parents.

Far from Home_Germany_WP (2)

Q: What’s your major/minor?

A: I (Izzy) will be majoring in biokinetics. I (Chloe) will be majoring in social work and minoring in sociology.

Q: Do you plan on playing sports or being involved in music or theater at Bethel?

A: I (Izzy) plan on playing soccer for Bethel. I (Chloe) am planning to do theater and choir as well as trying to do intramural soccer!



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