InstaCreator: Screenprinting

The Clarion searches deep in the trenches of Instagram to discover unique student creators.

By Rachel Blood & Thanh Nguyen

Q: What’s your name, what year are you in, and what are you studying at Bethel?

A: My name is Luke Schilmoeller! I am a senior communications major.

Graphic by Thanh Nguyen.

Q: How and when did your business start? Who or what inspired it?

A: I started the business in Nov. 2018! I was inspired by my love for Jesus and desire to share the gospel through fashion. My goal is for people to wear outset and start conversations about their faith and the freedom they have experienced in Jesus.

Q: What is the origin of your business’ name?

A: Outset – it means beginning. I took it from Romans 8:29, message version. 

We have a new beginning in Jesus, and with that we can begin conversations about his love / new identity in him.

Q: How long does it normally take to produce and ship an item?

A: I have a stock of items and can deliver to people on campus via PO, or I can ship it within a week!

Q: What is your personal favorite print or collection?

A: My favorite collection is the newly released mindset crewnecks. They are sleek and comfortable, and create conversation about aligning our minds with the Holy Spirit, living for him.

Q: How can others go about purchasing products from you?

A: They can go to my Instagram @outset_apparel or to my website at

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