By Rachel Blood

Bethel utilizes various free apps to organize student life, dining, recreation and more.

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Graphic by Vada Stoddard

CampusClear, a self-screening app, uses health monitoring to execute a safe and healthy return to campus. By filling out a form on a daily basis, users provide Bethel with data to monitor the trajectory of the pandemic. Students and employees must log symptoms daily in the app in order to access campus buildings. According to the Bethel website, the app “is a convenient, efficient, and reliable way for each member of our community to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus this fall.” Users can download the app on a phone or access it through a web browser using their Bethel email address. CampusClear sends daily notifications reminding users to complete the daily self-screening.

Bethel WLC has a reservation system for claiming time slots in the Wellness Center. Those wanting to use the WLC must claim a designated time on the app beforehand to reduce traffic flow and maintain social distancing guidelines. “The WLC app is essential to students this year. Without it, they will have a hard time gaining access to the facility and the services we offer,” wrote WLC staff. “Especially within this season, it is so important for students to also take care of their physical health.” Students can make an account by emailing From there, they will be able to go into the schedule and reserve a time to work out on either the lower or upper floors.

Bite by Sodexo – Universities details the DC’s menu on a daily basis. “Sodexo released a new Bite app this year just for Universities,” wrote Sodexo Marketing Coordinator Ashley Tulberg. “If students have the old Bite app, it will still work. The new app just has a few more features.” The ‘Home’ and ‘News’ tabs list events, sweepstakes, and recipes. The ‘Menu’ tab lists DC hours and the menu for the next ten days. Fitbit users can connect their account and log food choices. Available menu filters show vegetarian, vegan, or mindful dishes. The new app provides allergy and nutritional information on each menu item. Bite cannot be used to order food online. Online orders can be placed through the Bethel site.

Studium and GroupMe allow quick communication between groups and organizations or individuals. Studium lets users join groups for online organizations and stay up to date with events and activities. GroupMe allows simple group chats and individual messaging.

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