MIAC to postpone several games due to COVID-19

By Emily Rossing

With a recent spike in COVID-19 positive tests among winter sports athletes, The MIAC has decided to postpone several games that were scheduled for Bethel in the next three weeks. The changes impact the schedules of men’s and women’s basketball, as well as men’s and women’s hockey. Games have been postponed to a later date that has yet to be released. 

These Bethel teams have been getting tested three times every week, and are not allowed to practice or play if they have a positive result. While it has been effective for the last few weeks, we are now seeing a strain on the system. However, it seems like most of these postponements are due to high positive results on opponents’ teams, not Bethel’s. 

How this issue is handled will likely determine the course of action regarding the remainder of the season for these winter sports. As of now, men’s basketball has moved up their game originally scheduled for Feb. 24 to tomorrow night. It seems the reason behind this is so both Bethel and Ausgburg can get a game more quickly as both teams have now lost opportunities to play other schools that were scheduled for the next few weeks. Men’s basketball is also still scheduled to play at Saint Mary’s Wednesday next week and Women’s Hockey at Hamline Mar. 10. Track and Field are also still hosting a tri-meet with St. John and St. Mary next weekend.  

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