Express yourself: Style and substance

The Bethel biweekly fashion update to help students keep-up with the trends.

By Annika Carr

Finding the perfect balance between fashion and function is often overlooked in STEM fields where labs constantly dictate the presence of pants and sensible shoes, but biochemistry major Danielle Brocker science doesn’t sacrifice her style.

“There’s definitely the stereotype that people who are in science are very rigid and not very girly and it’s kind of fun to throw caution to the wind and break that stereotype and dress like a Barbie doll and also just be in science,” Broccker said. “It’s a great time.”

Brocker explained how dressing up and expressing herself has helped her in school and set her apart from the crowd by embodying not just who she is but who she wants to be.

“It [fashion] can tell you a lot about a person with what they choose to put on,” Brocker said. 

When it comes to advice, Brocker keeps it simple: wear what makes you feel confident and expresses who you are.

“You’re beautiful inside, so why not dress the part as well?” Brocker said.

Recreate the look 

Try an iconic Brocker monochromatic look by pairing colored bottoms, a cute skirt or those amazing pants, with either a white or black shirt. Layer that with a jacket in the same color family as the bottoms. Then, add a neutral shoe, accessories and a matching face mask — might as well be cute while saving lives!

Earrings: Patina $23.00

Necklace: Charming Charlie’s $16.00

Apple Watch Case: Amazon $6.00

Face Mask: Jerry’s $15.00

Turtleneck: TJMaxx $13.00

Jacket: Kohl’s $55.00

Skort: Altar’d State $60.00

Tights: Target $10.00

Boots: Macy’s $100.00

Acrylic Nails: All About Nails $55.00

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