The Egg: March 8th

Inspired by TheSkimm, longer than the E-announcements, created with your short attention span in mind.

By Ariel Dunleavy | Contributing Writer

COVID-19 update session. 

Bethel will be holding virtual COVID-19 update sessions for students, employees and parents. The session will be held virtually tonight from 7-7:30 p.m. for students. Tune into the information session about Bethel’s safety plan for students on campus. Entering into spring break and the second half of spring semester, make sure to continue following COVID-19 protocols to keep the community safe. 

Vice President search.

Bethel has recently announced their search for a new Vice President whowill lead Bethel’s recent work in diversity and reconciliation. After Laurel Bunker’s interim term as Vice President, Bethel has taken the search nationally. An online zoom meeting will be held on Thursday at 7 p.m. to inform students about the search process.

Fall class registration. 

Registration for all students in the College of Arts and Science will start on April 13. Unfortunately, this means the stress of meeting with advisors and professors about four-year plans on top of the heaps of class work following spring break. I know that my four-year plan is constantly a work in progress, but keep in mind that the sooner you get that ironed out the better prepared you will feel when it comes to registration.

Spring break next week.

Only four more days until students will be relaxing, catching up on sleep and catching a tan if they are lucky. Remember to stay safe when on vacation to keep our COVID-19 cases at a low number. A reminder that residence halls close on Saturday at noon, and will re-open Sunday March 21 at noon. Bethel has not released any information on testing after spring break as of now. I hope that all students get a chance to sleep in and relax for spring break, if you need me that is exactly what I will be doing, staying home, watching netflix and sleeping in as much as I can.

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