Express Yourself: Dress for Success

The Bethel biweekly fashion update to help students keep-up with the trends.

By Annika Carr

Being a business major usually means switching out sweats and joggers for slacks and suits upon graduation, but for freshman business major Jacob Petersen this is part of his daily routine.

“I started wearing outfits like this because I was really interested in business and if you look up business professionals and what they wear it kind of resembles this,” Petersen said. “It’s classy, but stylish as well.”

Petersen placed an emphasis on how taking the time to really prepare yourself for the day affects how you see yourself and how others see you.

“I realized how much better I felt about myself when I started to wear those clothes even if it wasn’t for a nice occasion,” Petersen said.  

Petersen’s fashion advice? Make sure everything matches. This helps create a cohesive and stylish look.

Photo and graphic by Bryson Rosell

Recreate the Look:

Grab a classy pair of pants, preferably  khakis in any color, and a complementary button down shirt. Layer that with a sweater in the same color family, then pick out some fun socks to compliment the shirt and sweater. Finish off the fit with a pair of dressy shoes. 

Don’t be afraid to choose a fun color or pattern for the shirt that really reflects your personality. If you fancy a plain  button down, a crazy pair of socks is another great way to express yourself.

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