Express Yourself: Look good, feel good

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By Hannah Hunhoff

With his self-proclaimed fashion philosophy: “look good, feel good; feel good, do good,” Junior Jordan Holthe sports signature pieces of every color and size imaginable in the midst of his Biochemistry studies. Holthe’s sense of style stems from his fondness of sophisticated, European fashion and it continues to progress as he grows as a person. 

“I would say that my style changed after coming back from Spain,” Holthe said.  “I was studying abroad there this past spring and I fell in love with the way that people always looked their best. No matter the event, people always looked fantastic.”

Photo by Bryson Rosell

While European fashion is typically paired with a high price, Holthe said that affordable looks can be put together that promote sustainability in the fashion industry. 

Holthe is a passionate advocate for thrifting. It gives him the flexibility to consistently change up his looks and allows him to collect both statement and staple pieces on a college-friendly budget.

“I frequently shift between ‘edgy skater’ to ‘hipster coffee shop’ to ‘athletic streetwear’  to  ‘fancy dinner vibes’,” Holthe said. “I like to keep people guessing.”

Holthe said that he is continually inspired by singer and songwriter, Harry Styles. 

“Harry Styles, Harry Styles, Harry styles,” Holthe said. “He is definitely my fashion icon. I love the fact that he is unapologetically himself and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of fashion.”

Recreate the Look:

Transitioning into spring, focus on creating a vibrant look, by combining a bold print with quintessential streetwear pieces. Uncover your favorite floral top (Jordan emphasizes that floral is always in style) and bundle up with a neutral corduroy jacket. To showcase the bright colors radiating off the top, Jordan recommends toning the outfit down with a pair of ripped black jeans. 

Incorporate an essence of athleisure by adding a pair of well-loved sneakers and some basic white socks to the mix. Accessorize with a classy pearl necklace and some dainty silver rings (which Holthe borrowed from friends). To stay in line with the color palette of this fabulous ensemble, wear a black face mask to compliment the black jeans.

Photo by Bryson Rosell

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