Pre-game Routines : Cold showers and power naps

By David Scheil | Contributing writer

Welcome to a new series, where Clarion staff interview Bethel athletes about how they prepare themselves for competition. With the Royals’ overall winning tendency in athletics, we wanted to know what exactly athletes do to get ready for great performances.

In this issue, junior pitcher Markus Krupke shared his pre-game routine.

Q: What is your personal pre-game routine?

A: A 15 to 17 minute power nap and a two minute cold shower. 

Q: What does your team do collectively as a pre-game routine?

A: When getting to the field, we all run to center field together and do some circle stretching and chat. When we are ready, we all pray together and break it down and run back in to throw.

Q: Who’s on your gameday playlist?


Q: How do these routines help you prepare for a game?

A: I have always really liked power naps, they give me a ton of energy and I do the hot and cold shower to get my blood flowing and wake me up. The stuff we do with the team is very important to me. The run to center field and prayer together as a team is huge for me. It’s a great reminder that we are playing this game and doing all of this for the glory of God, and doing it together with all of my brothers around me. It’s always a great start to the warm ups.

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