Pre-game Routines: Iced Coffee and Secret Lifts

By David Scheil | Sports

Welcome to an ongoing series, where Clarion staff interview Bethel athletes about how they prepare themselves for competition. With the Royals’ overall winning tendency in athletics, we wanted to know what exactly athletes do to get ready for great performances.

In this issue, sophomore volleyball opposite hitter Kirstin Cotter shared her pre-game routine.

Q: What is your personal pre-game routine?

A: In the morning I go get an iced caramel latte from Dunkin’. I usually sneak in a back and biceps lift at 11 A.M. on game days, even though coach doesn’t love that.

When getting ready for the game, I put everything on my left leg first (kneepad, ankle brace, and then shoe) then I do the right leg.

Q: What does your team do collectively as a pre-game routine?

A: We have this thing called The Word where one of the players puts together a little devotion to share with the team right before warm-ups. During a normal year, we would do Fire Up, which is where we all get in a circle and start clapping our fire up song while each one of us goes in the middle and does a dance move. Starters will also get together on the floor right before the first whistle of the game where we say a little prayer and tell each other to play hard.

Q: Who’s on your gameday playlist?


Q: How do these routines help you prepare for a game?


 The coffee from Dunkin’ makes me so happy and energetic and gets me hyped up for the game.

The lift I do before just pumps up and warms up my muscles even if it’s a few hours before. I like to feel strong and huge when going into games. This also gives me confidence that I can handle  the girls on the other side of the net because I pushed myself harder than they did today. I did one more rep, one more lift than they did. 

Putting everything on one leg is something that I have always done and sometimes if I start putting stuff on my right leg before I finish with my right I will take everything off and start over. I have no idea why I do this. 

The Word is something that gives our mind and anxiety a rest from the game of volleyball. It is something that helps us focus back on ourselves and reminds us that we play for an audience of one.

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