The Egg: October 4th

Inspired by TheSkimm, longer than the e-announcements, created with your short attention span in mind.

By Ally Brodin | News Reporter

Photo and Video Shoots

Gigi Hadid had to start somewhere, and maybe that somewhere was college promotional material. Kickstart your modeling career while flashing a cheesy smile for the Office of Marketing and Communications. They are looking for students and staff from all across Bethel to be a part of photo and video shoots this year. Who knows? Maybe Tyra Banks will love your cheesy smile. To apply, fill out this short form.  

Europe Term Fall 2022

Spice up your Instagram– and your life, I guess– by traveling to Europe for the fall 2022 semester. Relax on a gondola ride in Venice, get pickpocketed at a tourist trap in Greece and experience other iconic European tourist moments. Make lifelong memories that you’ll never forget– until your old age, at least. The Communication Studies Department will have an informational meeting Oct. 12 at 11:15 am in HC 414.

Xfinity Free On-Campus

Netflix and Chill? No way. Watch cable and be stable. Xfinity cable programming is free and available to all students on campus. Now I can watch all the NickToons I want, like the adult that I am. Or I could watch Gordan Ramsey yell at people instead of doing my homework. For more information, check out this link

Fall Break 

I don’t know about you, but I could use some time to catch up on sleep (I haven’t at all stayed up watching Squid Games for the past week). Fall Break starts Friday and is a great time to hit pause, sleep in or catch up on that homework you know you should’ve already done.

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