Single on Valentine’s Day

By Hannah Bronner

Flowers. A dozen red roses lay in the glass vase, so perfect I don’t even want to touch them. He bought me chocolate, too – the delicate milk chocolate that just melts in your mouth. We’re going out to dinner tonight at Restoration Hardware, one of the fanciest places in town. We both clean up well – him in a pressed white shirt and slacks, me in black tights and a smokin’ red dress. He holds my hand the whole way there and I can’t stop the smile that spreads to my cheeks.

Chandeliers adorn the ceilings and the light flickers, creating intricate designs on the walls. The fountain at the center gives off a luxurious ambiance. Smells of garlic bread, lobster roll and broiled salmon waft in the air. What’s also in the air? A crazy little thing called love. 

Is that the Valentine’s Day single Bethel girls dream of? Maybe. But that’s not reality. Half of you reading this will have spent Feb. 14 with your gal pals eating pancakes in your living room at 10 p.m. At least, that’s what I did my sophomore year. And while that’s a sweet memory, I know most of us desire a relationship with Prince Charming or some devoted Christian guy with a middle part and muscles. He’s probably going to be a doctor, allowing you to live out your dream of being a stay-at-home mom – without kids. 

Others spent Valentine’s trying not to cry off all their mascara. Past relationships crept in. A recent break-up. For the single ladies, this day could be sad and hopeless. You listened to your friend gush about her middle school sweetheart she’s marrying this summer. Scrolling through Instagram, you saw yet another couple engaged. We ask, Am I ever going to find love? Am I ever going to get married? Will I be alone for the rest of my life? Seems dramatic, but we’ve all thought it at one point. 

What I think is that no good can come from dwelling on what we don’t have. Learning to be content is hard, but worth it. The old adage goes, “patience is a virtue,” and to be honest, I kind of want to slap that person in the face. Well, not really. But it is difficult for me to be patient with so many things — especially love. 

A friend once told me that she didn’t need a boyfriend because she already has a ton of guy friends, and I can name more than a few guys who are simply solid friends in my life. If you’re looking for male companionship, there’s a lot of it here at Bethel. 

Something else that encourages me during tough times is that we may only be single once in our lives. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and once you’re in, there’s no backing out. So, single lady friends, enjoy this time when you aren’t tied down by anyone. A time when you don’t have to think of anyone else’s interests. Be free. Spend more time with your girlfriends and pick your bridesmaids for when that day does come. 

Ultimately, love yourself more. God made you beautiful in His image and thinks you’re freakin’ awesome. My roommate told me that everyone makes Valentine’s Day out to be this great thing of people in relationships, but we know that Jesus is love and He’s the face of love. We don’t actually know what true love is until we are looking Jesus in the eyes. 

This holiday is a day meant to celebrate loving each other regardless of relationship status. We were meant to love people like Jesus did because He is love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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