Go Figure!

As Bethel’s winter sports enter the playoff season, let’s take a look at how some of our athletes have been performing.

By Kaden Lamb

Sophomore Zach Doely | Photo by Makenzi Johnson
  • Ball-thief! Senior Bella Williams has stolen the ball from the opposing team 86 times this year. That’s the highest in the MIAC and 20 steals above the second-highest player.
  • Bucket-getter! Sophomore Zach Doely leads the MIAC in field goal percentage. He makes 61% of the shots that he takes, averaging 14.9 points per game. 
  • Sharp-shooter! Freshman Dom Aguilar makes 44.7% of his three-pointers, which is the second-highest record in the conference. He has made 31 shots from downtown this season.
  • Puck-stopper! Senior Mallory Tidona has saved 503 shots from finding their way into the net, leading the MIAC. Her save percentage is 93.0%, which is third in the MIAC. 
  • Senior Ridge Gerads has the fifth most saves in the MIAC with 396. He has saved 92.5% of the shots slapped at him this season, which is also ranked fifth in the MIAC. 
Sophomore Zach Doely | Photo by Makenzi Johnson

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